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Product List
Wire-wrapped Magnesite Bead Pendant
Wire-wrapped Magnesite Bead Pendant
Side A Side B Side A again Side B again
Item code 2C-1212-5
Size 83 x 30 mm, 3 1/8 x 1"
Price $35.00
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Wire-wrapped Magnesite Bead (dyed light turquoise) Pendant with Swarovski crystal beads and copper wire
 83 x 30 mm, 3 1/8 x 1"
  20" copper ball chain included. 
  Another large magnesite stone all dressed up and ready to wear.  I love the matrix pattern on this piece.  The crystals add a little sparkle.
Product 6 of 11First   Previous   1  2  3  4  5  [6]  7  8  9  10  Next   Last   

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Wire-wrapped Magnesite Bead Pendant Product Information 
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