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Examples of Gwen's work


Third Day Creations


Third Day Studios

Gwen Weatherbie designs and creates arts and crafts, especially those that celebrate the third day of creation.

Third Day Galleries

Third Day Galleries sells the creations of Third Day Studios. is an online gallery of Third Day Creations.



Gwen Weatherbie's Artwork:

Pottery, Stone & Glass Jewelry, Lapidary, Landscapes, & More!

On the Third Day, God created the land and the seas, as well as plants (Genesis 1:9-13). In doing so, He also formed, or began the formation of, rocks, clay, and sand. Third Day Creations features arts and crafts that are made from or depict these things.

Gwen Weatherbie designs, creates, and sells arts and crafts. Her focus is on pottery, stone & glass jewelry, lapidary, landscape paintings and prints, & other works of art that celebrate the third day of creation.


Grand Opening - Friday, November 30, 2012
Our on-line store is now open!  Almost every item is one-of-kind, so don't wait to get the one you want for yourself or for a gift! 

Shipping is only $3 per order.

You do not need a PayPal account to checkout, even though PayPal will be used to securely process your payment. 


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Arts & Crafts that Celebrate the Third Day of Creation

Sharing the Glory of God by Displaying the Beauty of His Creation